Not-so-obvious Jobs for INFJs

Jobs for INFJs

You’re probably already aware of some of the common jobs for INFJs that are recommended around the internet: Counselor, health care workers, artist, writer, librarian, etc, but let’s get a bit more specific, shall we?

As INFJs, we are all a little bit different. One INFJ may be a bit more outgoing than another, or you may be one who is deeply entrenched in perfectionism and organization, where as another INFJ may just like a little less clutter. You have to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. And, this will differ slightly from one INFJ to the next.

Honestly, I think this will hold true for a lot of the intuitive introverts out there.

Generally speaking, INFJs are usually somewhat quiet and reserved, are creative, like to work alone or mostly alone (one on one or intimate groups are usually ok), are good at listening, and aren’t huge fans of being under someone else’s thumb or working in large groups. We like to help people, and feel good about what we do, knowing that it has meaning and is rewarding.

WHAT WE DON’T WANT: Anything chaotic, intense pressure or deadlines, group strategies or projects, anything that focuses strictly on numbers and facts, too many constraints, and many intuitive introverts won’t want to be confronted with emergency situations, as our empathy may be too strong, so we’ll stay away from most of the medical emergency-based jobs.

Here’s what I’ve come up with for jobs for INFJs and other intuitive introverts that I think would be a great fit. Some require no training, while others require degrees.

Jobs for the Creative INFJ

  • Art Director: Be in charge of the visual layout of a magazine or newspaper, or curate the stage set for a play of TV show.
  • Home Staging: If you have a knack for visual design, become a home stager for the real estate industry. It’s easy to start, fun to do, and not too many people to work with (but a few).
  • Video Editor: For someone who wants to work on their own, and manipulate raw footage into something a bit cleaner and more artistic, it’s the perfect fit.
  • Voice Overs: Have a unique voice? Get hired for a voice over on radio commercials, acting spots, or video.
  • Instructor: Instructional videos have never been bigger online. Use Youtube to your advantage to create videos about the things you already know how to do, whether it’s cooking, exercising, or sewing and crocheting. You can do this from home or open up a brick and mortar business and teach what you know in person.
  • Music Tutor: If you already sing or play an instrument, this might be a great way to make money by teaching others how to do the same.
  • Advertising: If writing is your thing, being a copy writer might be right up your alley, but if you’re more into the creative process, then you might prefer putting together ads for clients.
  • Author: Imagination is king when it comes to writing, so when I say “author”, I mean creative writing, fictional writing, kids books, script writing, and the like. Let you imagination run wild, then get it down on paper.
  • Photographer: If you naturally look at the world with a different perspective, photography might be for you. It’s creative, quiet (especially if you’re photographing an object or nature), and satisfying to catch the perfect light or moment. You could even be a travel photographer.
  • Illustrator: If you are familiar with technology and have a natural talent for drawing, then you might do well as an illustrator. Another creative and quiet endeavor that’s both rewarding and fun.
  • Publisher: Most introverts love to read (although there is a little more to it than that), making this a great fit.
  • Architect: Using creativity within the building parameters to engineer a structure that’s both beautifully functional.
  • Baker: If you have a knack for baking (I sure don’t), this might be right up your alley. Assist or run the kitchen, filling it up with goodies while others handle the front end of things.
  • Archivist: Preserve, authenticate, appraise, and safeguard documents, records, objects and archival materials.
  • Florist: I used to dream of this job, but I lived in a small town and there was only one florist with no openings. Making beautiful arrangements on your own that brightens someone’s day. 🙂
  • Maker and Seller: Take your hobby to the next level by selling it in a small store or online, in a place like Etsy or Handade at Amazon.

Jobs for the Business Minded

  • Executive Assistant: Perfect for the extra organized, multi-tasking introvert. You’ll need to work with people, but likely not in group situations, and there will be deadlines to meet, but you’ll be planning and organizing on your own.
  • Human Resources: INFJs are not only a great judge of character, but their ability to be highly organized and on task are great assets here.
  • Entrepreneur/Consultant/Freelancer: Don’t want to work for anyone else? Start your own business doing something you love. Find your niche, and go from there.
  • Graphic or Web Designer: Technology focused? Create something from nothing using no more than your creativity and coding knowledge.
  • Content Curator: Focused alone time to research and collect data to share on blogs, for marketing, websites, etc.
  • Website Auditor: Love websites? Become a website auditor and let people know how they can improve their website and readership.
  • Influencer: Got followers? If you have a massive following on social networks, you can use that as a paid advertising platform.
  • Translator: If you happen to speak another language, this a great way to make a living. You can translate books, documents and transcripts.
  • Social Media Manager: Definitely done in the background, social media managers manage content for social network marketing.
  • Proofreading: Self explainable, but easy for introverts who are detail-oriented. I would love to proofread, as long as what I’m reading is at least somewhat interesting.
  • Cartographer: Takes a steady hand and precision for detail, but we are good like that. Become a maker of maps!
  • Blogger: Yes, like me. It absolutely takes a self-starter, but is totally worth all the learning involved. I love working from home!
  • Researcher: This covers many areas, but if you’re anything like me, you love to research just about everything, and this plays to our strengths – being alone, writing, and learning.
  • Paralegal: Research, writing and alone time. Need I say more?

Jobs for the Animal Lovers:

  • Pet Groomer: Washing dogs may not be a dream job for everyone, but for a introvert who loves animals and alone time, it might be just what you’ve been looking for.
  • Zoologist: The study of animals and how they interact with their environment, and it’s perfect for introverts due to its focus on animals, mostly being outdoors, and limited people interaction. It’s also a way of helping the animals to be as comfortable and happy as possible. Win-win.
  • Trainer: A great job for an INFJ who wants some one-on-one time with dogs, some outdoor time, and a feeling of accomplishment.
  • Shelter Volunteer: If money is not a concern and you just want something rewarding to do, socializing and playing with cats and dogs, or helping with bookkeeping, or even cleaning up after the animals can be a great way to spend your days.
  • Pet Sitter: My pet sitter stays overnight and makes about $100/day, so it’s decent money if you want to do it full time and you love spending time with animals.
  • Marine Biologist: The study of aquatic animals with a little travel and diving thrown in, for good measure.
  • Dog or Cat Breeder: If you do it, do it responsibly, and do it well. Has a bit of a learning curve.

Jobs for the INFJ Helpers

  • Occupational Therapy Assistant: Helping people get back to their lives after an injury is rewarding to both the therapist and the patient.
  • Massage Therapist: This is wonderfully quiet and relaxing job to perform for an introvert, plus you’re helping people relieve their pain and discomfort immediately. And bonus – there’s not much talking involved.
  • Nutritionist: Being a nutritionist is an ideal way to for us to teach people, one-on-one, and help them find a new path to vibrant health.
  • Caregiver: As INFJs, we are notorious for having a deep sense of caring for others, and this job highlights that attribute of the INFJ.
  • Forestry: We like being in nature, so what better way to do that than being in Forestry Service? This means participating in land management and conservation, preserving and taking care of the land and the wildlife within it.
  • Pet Adoption Counselor: This sounds like the best job to me, sending abandoned or mistreated animals to new and loving homes.
  • Charity Work: This would likely be a volunteer position, but would be very rewarding for an INFJ to be in a position to give of themselves.

Jobs for the Laboring INFJs

  • Landscaper: Dig in and create a landscape that’s both beautiful and functional for the homeowner or business.
  • Farmer: Work on your own property or on someone else’s and help cultivate the land for growth and harvesting.
  • Bee Keeper: This can be done at home, on your own property, collecting honey and selling it. You would need quite a few hives to profit well from this, but could be perfect for the right person.
  • Construction: Good money for hard work. Not a lot of time to chit chat in this field.
  • Delivery: Alone in a truck, going place to place to deliver goods. May take a little muscle unloading packages, but if you like to drive and listen to music without much social interaction, it might be a good place to start.

I don’t know you, but I think this is a good place to get started because you can get some ideas, roll them around in your head, maybe get curious enough to delve a little deeper into what interests you.

You can also find a few more job ideas in my interesting jobs for HSPs post.

Maybe you’re unsure about all of these. In that case, consider writing a list of your strengths, and make sure and ask your friends and relatives what they consider to be your strengths too, because sometimes, we don’t see all of our strengths in ourselves. It helps to get some feedback. Once you have your list, come back and look over this list again and see what you come up with.

Good luck on your job seeking journey, and if you have more suggestions for jobs for INFJS, or are an INFJ whose already found their dream job, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

Tea & ♥,

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