150 Happy Things to be Grateful for

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There are always happy things to be grateful for in your life, but I managed to think up 150, so I wrote them all down. Big things and small things. Mostly, simple things that you may take for granted on a daily basis because some are easy to overlook. Let’s not overlook the happy things today.

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Seeing Happy Things

Sometimes it’s just a matter of your state of mind. You can’t always see the happy things through the tears. Everyone has doubts, makes mistakes, and feels sadness. Those dark moments are, thankfully, temporary, but so are some of the happy ones, so hold on tight to your memories. And, always be making new ones.

“Sometimes”, said Pooh, “the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

Hopefully, this happiness list will serve as a reminder of all the wonderful things and people around you every day. Maybe they even make you smile, or see your own life with more gratitude and appreciation. It really helped me to put this together, allowing me to focus on the small things.

I’m sure I’ll be adding to it in the future, one little happy thing at time.

  1. Getting a package in the mail.
  2. The smell of rain in the air.
  3. The cool side of your pillow.
  4. Ice cold drink on a hot day.
  5. The warmth of the sun on your face.
  6. Moonlight glistening off snow.
  7. The smell of fresh-baked cookies.
  8. Your favorite song playing on the radio.
  9. A great book
    you can’t put down.
  10. Finishing something you started.
  11. Hot cup of tea or coffee in the morning.
  12. A tight, extra long bear hug.
  13. Someone saying they love you.
  14. Art that speaks to your soul.
  15. Up all night talking to your best friend.
  16. A nostalgic 80s movie night.
  17. Looking through old photos.
  18. Helping someone.
  19. Puppies, kitties and bunnies.
  20. Afternoon naps.
  21. Falling in love.
  22. Family.
  23. Baby giggles.
  24. A blanket fresh out of the dryer.
  25. Being alive and well.
  26. That flowers come in 100’s of colors.
  27. Every sunrise and sunset.
  28. Laughing so hard, you can’t breathe.
  29. Warm rain.
  30. Hot cocoa with marshmallows.
  31. A really great sandwich.
  32. A perfectly-worn out pair of jeans.
  33. The view out the window of an airplane.
  34. Finding a cloud that looks like something.
  35. Seeing a shooting star.
  36. Candlelight.
  37. Sand between your toes.
  38. Campfires and beach bonfires.
  39. Salt water taffy.
  40. Sunlight shining through the trees.
  41. Finding money in your pocket.
  42. Going on a road trip.
  43. Salty ocean air.
  44. Checking something off your list.
  45. Driving with the music up and the windows down.
  46. When someone makes you something.
  47. Finishing something that felt impossible.
  48. Cozy scarves and socks.
  49. Your first kiss.
  50. Rainbows.
  51. A great hair day.
  52. Someone believing in you.
  53. Lemonade stands.
  54. Ice cream. With toppings.
  55. Love notes.
  56. Someone who “gets” you.
  57. Childhood treasure boxes.
  58. A smile.
  59. Pet snuggles.
  60. A good night’s sleep.
  61. Warm sourdough bread.
  62. Fresh clean sheets.
  63. Perfectly preserved seashells.
  64. Old architecture.
  65. Graffiti art.
  66. Compassion and empathy.
  67. A full moon.
  68. Being asked to dance.
  69. Farmer’s markets.
  70. Mind-blowing sex.
  71. Home cooked meals.
  72. Crashing ocean waves.
  73. Flip flops.
  74. Holding hands.
  75. Thanksgiving dinner.
  76. A child’s face when they open a present.
  77. Your dog greeting you at the door.
  78. Vacations.
  79. Sunday mornings.
  80. A really funny joke.
  81. Learning something new.
  82. A favorite hang out.
  83. The smell of (insert fave scent)
  84. A long, hot bath or shower.
  85. Coloring with kids.
  86. Getting an unexpected upgrade.
  87. Cookie dough.
  88. A genuine apology.
  89. Great conversation.
  90. Sleeping in late.
  91. Small towns.
  92. Daisies.
  93. Waterfalls.
  94. Snowflakes.
  95. Talking with a toddler.
  96. Birds chirping in the morning.
  97. Crying tears of joy.
  98. Finding something you lost.
  99. The perfect playlist.
  100. Roasting s’mores over a fire.
  101. Sweater weather.
  102. The colors of fall.
  103. Family traditions.
  104. The Halloween stash.
  105. Making a new friend.
  106. A really good workout.
  107. Your favorite, ratty old t-shirt.
  108. Getting the last bite.
  109. Date night.
  110. Snowball fights.
  111. Walking barefoot in the grass.
  112. Time with the ones you love.
  113. Imagination.
  114. Making new memories.
  115. Weddings.
  116. Fantasy books.
  117. Binge-watching Netflix
  118. The capacity of the heart to love.
  119. 1,440 minutes in your day.
  120. The sound of his or her voice.
  121. A breeze blowing through the curtains.
  122. Bubble gum.
  123. Cobblestone streets.
  124. Sandcastles.
  125. The soothing purr of a cat.
  126. Dancing in the kitchen.
  127. Adventure.
  128. Going for a picnic.
  129. Balloons.
  130. Hanging with your bestie.
  131. Flying a kite.
  132. All the colors.
  133. Hummingbirds.
  134. Hikes that end with an amazing view.
  135. Anything that takes your breath away.
  136. When someone trusts you.
  137. A cloudless blue sky.
  138. When it’s so dark, you can see the Milky Way.
  139. Walking the beach before the tide goes out.
  140. Getting the perfect photo.
  141. Sleepovers.
  142. Playing games.
  143. Sweet dreams.
  144. Reaching a big goal.
  145. Lightning bugs.
  146. People watching.
  147. Honesty.
  148. September.
  149. The wind in your hair.
  150. Stories your grandparents tell.

A few more, just for fun.

Riding a bike in Spring.
Food fresh from the garden.
City lights.
Being lost for awhile.
Heartfelt sentiment.
A pleasant surprise.
Last-minute picnics.
Feeling confident.
Picking berries.
Watching kids spin.
Sun shining through a window.

I’d love to hear your small “every day” happy things, or what you’re grateful for. What was your favorite moment today? What stuck with you? What fills your heart with joy or made you smile? Where’s your happy place? Did you laugh at something today? Please share your favorites in the comments below, and have a happy day!

After all, something wonderful may be just around the corner.

Tea & ♥,

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