Why Being Highly Sensitive is Awesome

Why I love being an HSP.

There are some really great things about being highly sensitive. It’s sometimes very difficult to differentiate my INFJ personality from my highly sensitive nature, though, because they overlap each other at times, but I’d like to talk about the best parts of being a highly sensitive person (HSP).

Being an HSP is both a blessing and a curse. My emotions can quickly get the best of me, which can lead to arguments, worry and sleepless nights. The physical sensitivities can be anything from a minor environmental annoyance to having negative reactions to coffee, pills, or even food. We are sensitive to so many things, it can become hard to navigate daily life if we’re not constantly loving ourselves and tuned in to our needs.

There are some pretty fantastic things a heightened sensitivity allows us to feel that 80% of the population will never experience as we do.

10 Great Things about Being Highly Sensitive

  • Empathy and insight. I can’t help but feel extremely empathetic towards others, and seeing the world through someone else’s eyes allows me to be a compassionate person. Compassion breeds patience, kindness, and understanding, and allows me an insight into others’ minds.
  • Creativity comes naturally. I’m a writer and a crafter. I’m not an expert in either field, but it’s how I express myself, and it gives me a creative outlet for my thoughts and emotions. It focuses my overactive mind. Creativity is usually a part of an HSP’s life. It can come in the form of brainstorming big ideas for their job, writing, sculpting, photography, crafting, or anything else that uses the imagination. It can provide a positive outlet for highly sensitive people, so I would strongly encourage following those creative passions.
  • Deep appreciation. I appreciate the thought, creativity, and power behind most everything. The smell of a flower, the inspiration behind a piece of artwork, the poetry in the lyrics of a song, the power of the ocean, the layer of flavors in the perfect bite. The world is intricate, and I truly appreciate every single detail.
  • Intuitive love. I intuitively know how to connect and bond with others, and my sensitivity allows me to naturally be in tune with the needs of others. Such strong feelings means that loving someone deeply comes rather easy for a highly sensitive person.
  • I see you. I know what your “brave face” looks like, and I can almost always see through it. I am tuned in to your demeanor, expression, how much you say, and how much you don’t say. This allows me to help, but it’s also is a tool I use to weed out disingenuous people.
  • I’m absolutely fascinated. I want to know everything about the things and people I see or talk to. I want to know about people’s passions and past, and their dreams for tomorrow. I want to know the story of an old building, or what inspired someone to create something. Why did they do it? What were they thinking, but more importantly, what were they feeling?
  • Finding my kindred spirits. My connections with other people need to be meaningful. If I find someone I “get” who gets me, we can talk about anything for hours. It’s a rare and special connection, but one that’s worth the search, and will likely last a lifetime. (this overlaps my  INFJ personality type).
  • My intuition guides me. Intuition is based on a feeling rather than facts or figures, and mine can be incredibly strong (we can share stories later). I live by my gut feeling because it signals to me when something is off, if I listen to it. It helps me identify a disingenuous person and read between the lines. It guides me in most decisions in my life (this also overlaps with my INFJ personality type).
  • I’m aware of everything. I’m highly aware of my surroundings, whether I’m in a parking lot, driving a backroad, or in the middle of a social gathering. I notice things in my peripheral, and  things in the background are usually more prominent than what’s right in front of me. I’m also detail-oriented in the sense that I notice any change in my environment (like if something has been moved) or a change in someone’s appearance (new jacket, haircut, etc.).
  • Self-care is built in. My body is highly sensitive to many things, including hunger, tension, and exhaustion. My body responds intensely to these things, making it impossible for me not to be mindful of my own needs. This could be quiet time alone, breathing exercises, or a bite to eat, but self care is vital for HSPs in times of stress.
  • I’m an attentive partner. I don’t take emotions lightly, and I can pick up on the subtleties of my partner’s mood. Being highly sensitive also allows me to be attentive and intuitive when it comes to my partner’s needs, whether emotionally or physically.
  • Absorbing the happy. As much as I absorb negativity (news, someone’s bad mood, movies, etc), I also absorb the positive or happy emotions…usually to the point of tears. A genuinely happy, proud, or profound moment in mine, or someone else’s life, moves me profoundly. It can be difficult to contain the overwhelming joy I feel on such an occasion.

A highly sensitive person has a unique perception of the world around them, and notices things that other people may not. They are also able to see, feel, and experience these things in a more intense or vivid way than the rest of the population.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Once you accept your highly sensitive nature, everything in your life suddenly changes for the better. It’s not something to be ashamed of or fight against. Who gets anywhere swimming upstream? Go with the flow and use your beautiful superpower for good. Humanity needs us.

So, what are the good things about being highly sensitive that you truly appreciate?

Tea & ♥,

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