The Ironic Bucket List for Introverts

An Ironic Bucket List for Introverts

I created a bucket list for introverts today because I’m a moderate introvert and, some days, I just need to make fun of my little idiosyncrasies sometimes.

Honestly, I don’t mind being an introvert. Yes, it can make certain things more difficult for me, but there are great benefits that come from being introverted that I would never give up, like the few deep connections I make, the depth of my love, how I protect my family, and the ability to detect emotions easily – I know when something is wrong. Having had these abilities for most of my life, I can’t imagine ever being without them. They make my life “more”. More meaningful, more empowering, more honest, more spiritual.

I do, however, find myself in “moments of introversion” where I wonder why I’m doing what I’m doing. Why can’t I stop editing, rewriting, and re-editing this post over and over again? And, why can’t I make even the simplest decision? Seriously, I can’t even decide where to eat out when my husband asks me. I feel silly in those moments. Actually, pretty ridiculous when I catch myself, and I just have to laugh.

The Introvert Bucket List

Regardless of whether you try anything on this bucket list or not (you may actually want to consider a few), don’t take it too seriously. This list is meant to be on the lighter (and more ironic) side of things, so lovely introverts, just smile and nod along with it because I know you get it. And, after all,

“If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?”.

  1. Thoughtlessly blurt out something in public.
  2. When you feel someone staring at you, make eye contact.
  3. Initiate plans with someone other than yourself.
  4. Only wear headphones in an introvert emergency (locked in a car with an extrovert).
  5. Limit yourself to 1 death stare per day (freebie for anyone who interrupts you).
  6. When your best friend tells you good news, scream and chest bump them.
  7. Embrace all the chaos of the world like a toddler in a candy store.
  8. Accept that party invitation still sitting on your counter.
  9. Ignore the nagging feeling that you need new (better) friends.
  10. “Adopt” an extrovert. It’s a game-changer.
  11. Stand outside a busy shop with a “free hugs” sign.
  12. Disrupt resting bitch face with a spontaneous smile (I hate it too).
  13. Go anywhere, without your phone. (Who does that?)
  14. Stay until the end, and be the last person to leave.
  15. Meet with an acquaintance for lunch and small talk.
  16. Sit in the middle row, middle seat with no exit in sight.
  17. When your phone rings, answer like you’ve been waiting all day to talk.
  18. Have a deep dialogue with someone other than yourself.
  19. When introduced to someone, be sure to “tell them a little about yourself”.
  20. And, please. Don’t give it a second thought. Or a third. Or fourth.

Introversion is a personality trait, so it’s not going anywhere, but you can push your boundaries and challenge your introverted nature. Honestly, that’s really what bucket lists are about; not only doing the things you dream about that may currently feel out of reach, but also doing the things that are going to challenge you. As introverts, we know exactly where our comfort zone is, so much so, we could draw a line in the sand. However, I don’t think we always test our limits or know where they might be. But maybe, just maybe, we don’t have any…

and, wouldn’t that be a fantastic thing to discover?

It’s Okay to Start Small

You don’t have to go all in right out of the gate. You could add something from this list to your own introvert bucket list and just consider it for awhile. If something feels like too big of a step, downgrade it to a baby step by adding a bestie or changing the concert to an intimate club instead. Personally, I like to do things gradually and go at my own pace, so the bucket list really acts as a reminder of goals I’d like to eventually reach. It doesn’t really matter how or when I get there. And, of course, I can always remove, add, or change entries to my heart’s desire.

For example, I can go to small venue concert and sit near the exit and be perfectly fine, but I cannot (at least not yet) plop myself down in the middle of the Key Arena in Seattle. I worked my way up to the small venue concert by starting out just going to the movies with my husband. We live in a small town, so our theatre is relatively “quaint”.

Start wherever you want to, but always challenge yourself. You never know what you might discover, who you might get to know, or how much fun you might have. Be on the look out for another introvert bucket list that has more of a “stretch your wings” kind of feel that you can really sink your teeth into.

A bucket list is meant to change and grow over time, so feel free to comment with suggestions for the introvert bucket list. I’ll add them to the list!

Tea & ♥,

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