How the Reverse Bucket List Promotes Confidence, Motivation, and Gratitude

How to write a Reverse #Bucketlist

Being and introverted INFJ, sometimes I feel like I don’t do “big things”, which is ok, but I don’t want to look back and realize that I’ve lived a small life. I may be in my 40s, but there are still things I want to do. Bucket lists are fine for that, but there are times when they feel like it’s more of a “to do list” hanging over my head, haunting me with the fact that I still  haven’t done them. This can make me feel unaccomplished when the items don’t get crossed off in a timely manner. Buckets […]

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10 Ways Introverts are Like Cats

How #introverts are like cats. #introverted #cat

From what I read online, many introverts, like myself, have cats. I did not know that, and, as it turns out, I have always had a cat. It never occurred to me that maybe I was drawn to them because we were so similar to each other, but it dawned on me the other day – cats are crazy introverted. As I watched her curl up under the dining room table last week, like she always does during the day, I started thinking about her routine, habits, and idiosyncrasies. They are more than a little interesting, but somewhat predictable, after […]

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Over 75 of the Best Gifts for Introverts

Cool subscription boxes, DIY ideas, and #gifts for #introverts.

If you have an introvert in your life, you might find it a little tedious to find them the perfect gift, or something they don’t already have. Being an introvert myself, I don’t think I’m especially hard to shop for, but according to the people in my life, I am. I think “picky” is the word they used for me, so I though it might be helpful to put together a list of gifts for introverts that aren’t necessarily exclusive to them, but might be loved by one. Some of these gifts are unisex and some will be more geared […]

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42 Genuinely Promising INFJ Self Care Ideas

#INFJ #SelfCare list.

Self-care is not unique to INFJs, but many introverts require a little extra self-care due to our natural tendencies towards anxiety, depression, and stress. These emotional or psychological issues tend to develop into physical ones, especially for the INFJ, so it’s important to be self-aware and preventative. *Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. This post contains affiliate links, which means you may be contributing to my tea-drinking addiction if you purchase goods through these links. 😉 Realizing that we deserve to take time for ourselves is sometimes the first step. I know that as an INFJ, […]

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How to Get an Introvert to a Party

Getting an #introvert to go to a party.

There are different levels of introversion for an introvert, sometimes in their full nature or just depending on the circumstances. While some are fine being out of the house daily, that doesn’t mean they will feel the same about getting out to socialize at a party. Going shopping is not the same as attending your spouse’s work dinner, and running errands isn’t the same as a wedding reception. Introvert Problems: Going Out I can leave for work (I work from home now), run errands and go on most road trips, but if leaving the house is for the sole purpose […]

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The Ironic Bucket List for Introverts

An Ironic Bucket List for Introverts

I created a bucket list for introverts today because I’m a moderate introvert and, some days, I just need to make fun of my little idiosyncrasies sometimes. Honestly, I don’t mind being an introvert. Yes, it can make certain things more difficult for me, but there are great benefits that come from being introverted that I would never give up, like the few deep connections I make, the depth of my love, how I protect my family, and the ability to detect emotions easily – I know when something is wrong. Having had these abilities for most of my life, I can’t imagine […]

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What an Introvert Might Look Like

What it's like being an introvert.

Being an introvert has both it’s perks and disadvantages, probably much like it it is to be an extrovert or anybody else, for that matter. There are different levels of introversion, and the way it manifests will vary from person to person. I consider myself to be a fairly functional introvert, which I believe to be somewhere in the middle. Essentially, it means I prefer not to be at a party having to make small talk, but I can uncomfortably deal with it (wallflower-style), if I have to. For the curious: I do have some anxiety. I am not a shy person. I […]

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Avoiding INFJ Overwhelm and Stress

INFJ Overwhelm

INFJ overwhelm is a real thing. It affects similar personality types as well, and may also include highly sensitive individuals. I understand that most people experience overwhelm at one time or another in their lives, but some of us experience it so often, it feels like a part of daily life. Chronic stress and worry can also come into play for us. We like to have things done a certain way and we like to know what to expect. Planning is a natural tool we use to make sure we’re not blindsided. It’s how we try to control our environment. […]

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