Over 75 of the Best Gifts for Introverts

Cool subscription boxes, DIY ideas, and #gifts for #introverts.

If you have an introvert in your life, you might find it a little tedious to find them the perfect gift, or something they don’t already have. Being an introvert myself, I don’t think I’m especially hard to shop for, but according to the people in my life, I am. I think “picky” is the word they used for me, so I though it might be helpful to put together a list of gifts for introverts that aren’t necessarily exclusive to them, but might be loved by one.

Some of these gifts are unisex and some will be more geared toward one gender than the other. I’ve included both expensive and inexpensive items, and gifts that could work for any type of introvert. The more you know about your recipient, the better, but this list should prove to be a great starting point.

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Gifts for introverts who like to…

 get surprises in the mail.

Subscription boxes have never been more popular than they are today, and you can’t really go wrong here. It’s the perfect introvert care package, delivered right to their door, and you decide how long the subscription lasts. Here are some of the best introvert subscription boxes I found:

  • The FabFitFun box is near and dear to every woman’s heart for the selective, full-sized products, and a low cost of the $49.99 box – valued at $200!
  • I love the The Introvert’s Retreat Box – it’s the perfect care package for introverts, curated with a novel and many cozy extras. Only $37.99 and you can gift a single box or several!
  • For  the introverted book lovers, I’m digging OwlCrate (with added “bookish” goodies) for the younger adults – delivered right to your door!
  • Get exclusive, affordable vinyl delivered right to your home with VinylMePlease for original art AND vinyl (& cocktail recipes).

binge watch movies or TV series.

  • Netflix. I would be surprised if someone didn’t already have it, but fortunately for these people, there are Netflix gift cards. Yay! My faves are The Kominsky Method, Bridgerton, The Umbrella Academy, The Queen’s Gambit, and Sex Education. 
  • A Hulu Gift Card includes Disney and ESPN! Here you’ll favorites like The Great, Only Murders in the Building, and

have a quiet movie night.

For the introverted movie lovers out there, gift them the best movie night ever, with all the comforts of home! A gift certificate to a local, favorite pizza place (one that delivers) would make a great add-on gift to the ones listed below.

  • A popcorn bowl is always handy for snacks, even if you fill it pretzels, chips, or cheese puffs.
  • I feel like a cozy blanket is also necessary to set the comfy vibe of watching a movie, alone or with a friend.
  • A warm cup of tea in your favorite mug or or
  • Netflix. I would be surprised if someone didn’t already have it, but fortunately, if you don’t, there are Netflix gift cards. My faves are The Kominsky Method, Bridgerton, The Umbrella Academy, The Queen’s Gambit, and Sex Education. 
  • A Hulu gift card includes Disney and ESPN! Here you’ll favorites like The Great and Only Murders in the Building.
  • If you’re having a movie night with someone else of a few friends, a snack box might be nice to have for drinks and/or snacks.

curl up with a good book.

Books are an ideal gift for introverts because it lets them sink into something on their own – to get lost, connect to a familiar character, and ignite their imagination. I adore my Kindle Fire (even though it’s an old version), but highly recommend one of the paper white or newer versions to help with glare. If they already have one, perhaps a Kindle Unlimited or Audible subscription would be just the thing. Some people still like the feel of the pages on their fingertips, so keep books in mind for those people. Here are some more unique gift ideas for book lover….

recharge with some downtime.

I know there are guys out there who love bubble baths, but these gifts are for the introverted ladies who require a little extra down time during the work week. There are many ways to relax, so if you prefer to give your loved one a massage gift, get them a gift certificate somewhere local to them.

obsess over fictional characters.

So, some introverts are legitimately fanatical about something or someone. This means you can take any mundane gift and make it extra cool by getting the (insert object of their obsession) version of it. For example, a Star Wars t-shirt, Marvel action figure, or a Hogwarts beanie.

listen to music, a lot.

As far as gifts for introverts go, I think this one tops the list for me. Music is so universal. We find solace in the lyrics, can drown out the world, and get lost in it for hours. For the introverted music lover, try the gift of ad-free streaming music 24-hours-a-day with the Spotify ecard – for 1,3,6, or 12 months

shoo people away.

Introverts require a lot of alone time, and some days, we can only get that by not answering our phones, canceling plans, and avoiding people. These gifts tend to speak our mind for us (subtly or not so much), plus they’re amusing – especially to an introvert. Sarcasm, anyone?

get creative.

Many introverts like to write, doodle, or lose themselves in a creative hobby. With all the thinking and daydreaming we do, ideas and inspirations come to us easily and often. That doesn’t mean they’re all good ideas, but it does mean that creativity is kind of built-in, to some degree.

sip tea or coffee all day.

How cute is this sloth tea infuser? Fun fact: they’re the most introverted of the animal kingdom, chilling in trees and sleeping 15+ hours per day. And, let’s not forget the coffee! Mistobox selects your coffee from listed preferences, roasts it to order and sends it straight to their door. I didn’t know there was a subscription box for awesome coffee either. My husband is going to be sooo excited!

cozy up for nap time.

If I weren’t an insomniac sufferer, I would be taking long naps, or sleeping in late, like the rest of them…which requires comfort, quiet and darkness. I got your introverted loved ones covered with these comfy gift ideas!

play video games.

I would venture to guess that some introverts love video games because they’re much like books – a form of escape. But, I also wonder if the ability to control that world is a draw. 🙂 Items will vary based on their gaming system, but focus on newly released video games, updated and add-on gear, or maybe consider a whole new game console if it’s time for a major upgrade. Here are even more cool and quirky gamer gifts.

connect with nature.

When we’re in search of solitude, we sometimes venture outside. Nature is very calming, whether we’re just out for a picnic, camping, or a on a major hike. In any case, if your introvert is the outdoorsy type, these gifts should get them started on their adventure.

ease their anxiety.

Not all introverts have anxiety, but it is more common in introverts than it is in extroverts, whether it’s a general anxiety disorder or something like social anxiety, so here are some gentle gifts to help calm the anxious introvert in your life.

appreciate originality.

Buying gifts for introverts can sometimes seem more daunting than it really is. For some, you can just pick out something weird, clever, or unusual. We love original ideas, creativity, and art, but that doesn’t mean we’re not fascinated by general weirdness too.

Handmade is King

The very best gifts for introverts (or INFJs), are the ones you make yourself. We are naturally drawn to things with a deeper meaning, and we love knowing that you care enough to put out the energy or effort to make something special just for us. It doesn’t have to be perfect because we know that was created for us by someone we love, and that’s all that really matters. And there’s the added bonus of it being a one-of-kind gift!

There are tons of craft videos on YouTube and paid video classes on Blueprint (Previously Craftsy), plus you can search all kinds of DIY ideas online, but keep in mind that personal is better. Try making something with photos, a special quote or family recipe, or write a poem and have it framed. There are so many things you can do!

If you can’t make something yourself, the next best thing is Etsy. The items there are not only handmade, but many are so damn creative, it’s hard to go wrong. I curated a Gifts for Introverts Pinterest board with several interesting and handmade items for you to peruse. If you like the board, follow it, as I’m consistently adding more gift ideas all the time!

There is that perfect gift out there for every introvert!

Tea & ♥,

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