My name is Rachel and I’ve been writing and blogging in one form or another for many years, but I wanted to create something that was more relatable on a personal level.

I’m an INFJ and HSP who truly just wants to be happy, and I’m sure we have that desire for happiness in common (wink).

What this Blog is Really About

Rachel of Steeped in Notions.

I recently discovered that I was INFJ through my daughter, who studied personality types in one of her college classes. She requested that I take a personality test based on the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality theory, so I did. I took the (paid) MBTI test directly, which resulted in a very clear INFJ outcome.

As a teenager, I always felt a little different from my friends. I couldn’t watch the same movies they did. I wasn’t much of a partier, but would always volunteer to be the designated driver so everyone got home safely. I listened to everyone else’s problems and tried to be as helpful as I could, but rarely shared. If my feelings were negative, they were usually buried deep down, where nobody could find them (sometimes not even me).

As an INFJ mother, I have strong intuition, and worry incessantly about my children…to an almost smothering level. I always know when something is wrong or “off”, but I can’t really explain why. As a wife, my husband considers me “high maintenance”, but he loves me just the same. I trust him with my life, my deepest thoughts, and my most vulnerable moments. In case you’re wondering, he is an ENTP, and we get more into that here. 😉

Personality typing is a just a way to categorize our unique style of processing information, and I find it so interesting, that I recently became MBTI Certified to learn more about it. Learning more just for fun an INFJ thing that has to do with our intuition, which gathers information.

Having that natural desire to learn made this a logical next step in my journey, and helps me better understand myself.

My own feelings can be overwhelming at times, but I don’t let them swallow me whole. Instead, I try to embrace who I am, use the way I see and interact with the world as an advantage, and accept my need to #livedeep.

Being this personality type can sometimes carry extra “baggage” in the form of anxiety, introversion, and high sensitivity, but it’s all manageable with a little care and mindfulness. One of my goals with this blog is to bring people together to discuss their experiences, good and bad, and hopefully help each other along the way.

Why I Chose Steeped in Notions

To me, Steeped in Notions conveys my love of tea, comfort, and introspection. It’s my time, some self-care, or just a moment I need to stop and absorb. It’s cozy, warm, and comfortable. I suppose if you’re an INFJ, anxious, introverted, or just feeling down, a cup of warm tea and a little time to think and recharge might be all you need.

Personal Interestsocean beaches, crafting, snuggling, movie nights (80s), laughing, dark chocolate, singing to the radio, cozy sweaters, even numbers, daisies, reorganizing, sushi, animals, inspiring artwork, family, rain hitting the roof, chubby babies, vanilla ice cream, green, small towns, antique shops, old photos, tats, herbal tea, cherry blossoms, cookies, flips flops, game night, morning sunshine, music, nature, first snowfall, and driving with the windows down.

Tea & ♥,