MIA Due to Trauma & Injury

Why I've been missing in action.

I wanted to give you a brief overview on why I haven’t been blogging for the last several months. It wasn’t out of choice, but trauma and circumstance. I will go into details later, as I’m not ready to do that just yet.

My last post, about attending a blog conference was in April. Literally, on my last day in California, I got word that my grandmother wasn’t doing well, so I went home, unpacked and repacked, and headed immediately to Seattle to see her.

Unfortunately, the day I arrived at the hotel I was staying at, I slipped and fell on their tile lobby floor, landing on my right elbow. It was crushed to the point of non-repair, and required emergency surgery (radial head replacement) 6 days later, after I got back home, to Idaho (yes, I was walking around, unsplinted, with crushed bone floating around in my arm for 6 days).

Also, unfortunately, my grandmother passed away two days before that surgery, making everything so much worse. Do you have someone you’re very close to that you consider to be your person? She was mine. It has been a devastating loss for me, and made surgery especially difficult.

In the wake of these traumatic experiences, and my sensitivity to everything from drugs to emotions, my body started to physically respond to all of the stress and pain I had endured and continue to endure at a lessened state.

I developed Adrenal Fatigue, hormonal imbalances, gut problems and infections, among other things, and I will be talking more about this at length as I get to the bottom of it all. I feel that my highly sensitive nature and the fact that I’m an INFJ has played a huge part in my body’s response.

I’d like to discuss trauma, symptoms, connections, warning signs, triggers, etc. that may have led to some of these things over the years and how my recent traumas may have acted as triggers for what I’m currently still dealing with today.

My health journey is not over yet, and I am still working with practitioners to find and correct issues, along with healing emotionally over all that has happened. I’m trying to embrace and accept the new limitations in my life, knowing they’re mostly temporary, but as my grandmother used to tell me, shaking her head, “Rachel, you aren’t very accepting of things.”

She’s right, of course, but I’m finally starting to work on that, because fighting against everything all the time is quite exhausting.

In the meantime, I have a little energy and am starting to feel more motivated, recovering, and at least able to type again. Looking forward to writing a bit more, and your feedback and comments. Happy Holidays!

Tea & ♥,

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