9 Things to Avoid Saying to an HSP

9 Things NOT to say to a highly sensitive person. #HSP #highlysensitive

Even though this post is focused on what you should avoid saying to an HSP, please understand that most of these apply to anyone and everyone – including you. Being upset about anything, whether you understand it or not, deserves a little bit of kindness and compassion. Highly sensitive people are just that – sensitive. We don’t need to be reminded of this because we already know who we are, how we react to out environment, people, and to most situations. For some reason, though, being highly sensitive carries a negative connotation that I just don’t understand. In fact, I […]

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Insomnia: The Ultimate Checklist for Sleep

What's causing your insomnia?

Insomnia can be a side effect, symptom, or a by-product of so many different things, it sometimes feels impossible to get to the root of the problem. As such, many of us don’t know what’s causing our insomnia, or how to prevent it from occurring night after night. Although insomnia is not unique to INFJs, the traits associated with this personality type can definitely play into the problem. We are naturally inclined to overthink, worry, and stress, which are some of the leading causes of insomnia. Our minds never stop, so if you’re an INFJ, you may want to skip […]

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What is a highly sensitive person?

What is a highly sensitive person? #feeling #HSP #highlysensitive

In the 90’s,¬†Dr. Elaine Aron discovered that there are many people who have a significantly more sensitive nervous system than what’s considered normal, herself included. She coined this innate trait as “HSP”, or Highly Sensitive Person. It affects¬†about 20% of the population, so it’s not uncommon. You probably have one in your family or circle of friends, or may be one yourself. Some of the sensitivities of the HSP can overlap and blur the lines between being highly sensitive and being introverted, especially when it comes to the environmental aspect. According to Dr. Aron, thirty percent of HSPs are extroverts, […]

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